4 Advantages of Flat-fee Trademark Services

4 Advantages of Flat-fee Trademark Services

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Starting a new business is exciting, but it can also be daunting. You have a long to-do list and you don’t want to overlook any legal matters. As your ideas start to become a reality, you will want to protect certain aspects of your business, including your brand. This blog discusses some of the benefits of using flat-fee trademark services to protect your brand and business.

Why You Should Trademark Your Brand

A trademark registration provides legal protection for your brand name, product names, logos, and slogans. If another business uses a mark that is confusingly similar to your trademark, you may have legal recourse. Sometimes, similarities happen without devious intentions, but they still create consumer confusion. Having a trademark registration in place protects your business’s identity and reputation.

When you are ready to apply for a trademark, you should consider a law firm that offers flat-fee trademark services

What is included in flat-fee trademark services?

Law firms that provide these services will outline exactly what you are receiving for your money. Flat-fee trademark services typically include:

  • A consultation where you can discuss your business and brand. 
  • A review of what you plan to protect.
  • A Clearance search to make sure there are no conflicting marks.
  • Preparing, filing, and tracking your application.

More comprehensive packages may also cover:

While a Trademark Examiner has the final say, a trademark attorney can help increase your odds of approval. There are certain words, phrases, and images that may not be protectable or used as a trademark, and that’s where a trademark attorney can save you time and money on the front end. If you need services above and beyond what is included in your package, an attorney will usually then charge an hourly rate.

The Benefits of Flat-fee Trademark Services

Hiring an attorney who provides flat-free trademark services offers you and your business several advantages. 

You can establish a relationship with an attorney. 

Since a registered trademark can hypothetically be protected in perpetuity (assuming it’s properly used/maintained and doesn’t become generic), your attorney will check in periodically when applicable maintenance documents are due for filing.

Some firms that offer trademark services can also help with other areas of your business and may offer other flat-fee services. Should you decide to use such a firm, your legal needs won’t end with a trademark application; building a long-term relationship with an attorney can be beneficial.

You will be able to budget accordingly.

With flat-fee trademark packages, there are no surprises. You know what the fees are going to be and exactly what services are included. You may encounter plenty of other surprise expenses as you get your business off the ground, but an extra invoice for trademark services shouldn’t be one of them. 

The trademark process is more complex than you might expect.

You may be limited in how you can promote your business until your trademark application(s) is/are approved; you don’t want anyone to steal your ideas. However, you have to be careful about encroaching on another business’s legal rights as well. Part of the trademark process includes making sure your logo, company name, slogan, or product names aren’t already being used by someone else. This process is more complex than just performing a simple online search. In this case, Google® does not have all the answers!

In 2020, the USPTO received 697,218 trademark applications (not including multi-class applications) and issued 295,728 registration certificates (not including multi-class registrations). This shows that not every application goes on to registration. However, time is money, and a trademark application refusal could put your business plans on hold. An attorney can help increase the odds that a Trademark Examiner will approve your application the first time.

You can focus on what you do best, like building your business. 

Most new business owners are eager to hit the ground running. There is a lot to think about: renting office space, hiring employees, obtaining financing, and working out the kinks in your business plan. When you don’t have to deal with the intricacies of trademark law, you can focus on the operations of your business. 

Learn More About Flat-fee Trademark Services

To learn more about the flat-fee trademark services that we offer, contact us online or give us a call (732) 490-8200.

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