Many entrepreneurs opt for a corporation due to the numerous advantages it offers in terms of liability protection and structure. At Brown & Blaier, PC, our team of experienced business attorneys provides valuable guidance to both newly established corporations and existing ones of all sizes.

Forming and managing a corporation requires careful attention to detail to maximize its benefits while minimizing potential issues. Our skilled business attorneys at Brown & Blaier, PC offer sophisticated counsel to entrepreneurs, investors, and families in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Florida, and beyond.

Starting a business entails numerous tasks, and the process of forming a corporation can divert founders’ attention from critical day-to-day responsibilities. Our firm offers efficient and cost-effective representation, enabling management to focus on necessary business activities. Each step in the formation of a corporation significantly impacts its success.

From choosing the State of incorporation to entity structure, our attorneys provide comprehensive legal counsel for every facet of corporate formation.

Entity Structuring and Governance:

Choosing the appropriate entity structure and governance framework for a corporation is crucial for its long-term viability. Our attorneys guide clients in selecting the optimal ownership and management structure, which may include considerations such as single or multiple shareholders, different classes of shares, and board of directors’ composition. We ensure that the corporation’s structure aligns with the founders’ intentions and goals.

Certificate of Incorporation:

The certificate of incorporation (also known as articles of incorporation in some states) serve as the foundational document for a corporation. Our business attorneys prepare, draft, and file these documents to accurately reflect the corporation’s purpose, share structure, and management provisions. We work with clients to include essential provisions regarding shareholder rights, voting procedures, and restrictions on share transfers.

Corporate Bylaws:

Corporate bylaws outline the rules and procedures for operating the corporation, including shareholder meetings, director responsibilities, and decision-making processes. Our skilled business attorneys assist in drafting comprehensive bylaws tailored to the corporation’s unique needs, ensuring legal compliance and proper corporate governance.

Shareholder Agreements:

Shareholder agreements play a crucial role in outlining the rights and obligations of shareholders. Our firm provides guidance in negotiating and drafting shareholder agreements that address critical matters such as voting rights, share transfers, buyout provisions, and dispute resolution mechanisms. These agreements help protect shareholders’ interests and provide clarity in shareholder relationships.

Corporate Compliance and Regulatory Matters:

Maintaining legal compliance is essential for corporations. Our attorneys provide guidance on meeting regulatory requirements, such as annual filings, shareholder disclosures, and compliance with corporate governance standards. We also assist corporations in navigating industry-specific regulations and compliance frameworks to mitigate potential risks.

Corporate Transactions and Restructuring:

As corporations grow and evolve, they may engage in various transactions, including mergers, acquisitions, and reorganizations. Our firm offers comprehensive legal support throughout these complex transactions, providing due diligence, contract negotiation, and regulatory compliance. We strive to protect our clients’ interests while maximizing value and minimizing risks.

Corporate Finance and Securities:

Our attorneys provide advice on corporate finance matters, including equity and debt financing, SAFEs, private placements, and compliance with certain securities regulations. We guide our clients through the intricacies of securities law, assisting with regulatory filings, and compliance with corporate governance standards.

Intellectual Property and Technology:

We offer comprehensive legal services to protect and manage our clients’ intellectual property assets, including trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets. Our team assists corporations in licensing agreements, technology transfers, and ensuring their innovations are safeguarded and leveraged for competitive advantage.

Contracts and Commercial Agreements:

We assist corporations in drafting, reviewing, and negotiating a wide range of contracts and commercial agreements. Our team ensures that our clients’ interests are protected while fostering productive business relationships. We handle contracts such as distribution agreements, licensing agreements, and vendor contracts.

Experienced Business Attorneys for your Corporation

At Brown & Blaier, PC, we understand the unique needs of corporations and are dedicated to delivering tailored legal services to help businesses thrive. Our team combines extensive legal expertise with a practical understanding of the corporate landscape. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with our experienced New Jersey business attorneys.