Many businesses in New Jersey choose the limited liability company (LLC) as their entity of choice due to the various benefits the LLC provides with respect to taxes and liability. Brown & Blaier, PC NJ business attorneys advise owners of newly formed limited liability companies, as well as existing LLCs of all sizes.

While there are many benefits of an LLC, the entity and the operating agreement must be carefully created to maximize the advantages and limit the potential problems. The attorneys at Brown & Blaier, PC provide sophisticated business planning counsel to entrepreneurs, investors, and families in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, and elsewhere. To explore the merits of forming or managing an LLC, arrange a consultation today by submitting an online intake form.

Starting a business has many moving parts, and the process of forming an LLC can steer founders away from the many day-to-day responsibilities. Our firm offers efficient, cost‐effective representation so that management can work on the necessary tasks required to make your business successful. From the outset, each step in forming an LLC can significantly impact a business. Our experienced business attorneys provide comprehensive legal counsel for every facet of LLC formation, including:

Ownership and Management

Choosing the appropriate ownership and management structure for an LLC is vital to the longevity of your business. Ownership options include a single member or multiple member LLC. The typical management options include member‐managed and manager‐managed formats. Some other formats include corporation-style officer, committee and board of directors as well as multiple classes of membership interests.

Operating Agreements

A company’s Operating Agreement is possibly its most important governing document. Our New Jersey business attorneys ensure that your Operating Agreement; (i) accurately reflects the intent of the parties, (ii) is suitably thorough, and (iii) contains appropriate buy‐sell provisions, management authority, tax allocations, and plans for dissolution, sale, and transfers, and more.


State laws regarding LLCs vary somewhat from state to state. Consulting with an experienced corporate attorney helps to ensure that your LLC is formed in the most appropriate state for your business, or if an LLC is even the best entity for your company to form. Considerations include the relative tax benefits per each state, anonymity, ownership flexibility, filing requirements, and filing fees.

Under our attorneys’ guidance, your New Jersey area company can be sure that the requisite legal formalities are adhered to. This affords vital protections for members against personal liability for business debts.

Converting from an LLC to Another Appropriate Business Entity

When an LLC is no longer the appropriate entity or fitting your business needs, Brown & Blaier, PC can advise and convert your LLC to the appropriate entity.

LLC Dissolution

“Dissolution” means that your business is officially ending its existence as a state-registered business; sometimes this is voluntary. Our New Jersey business attorneys can streamline this process by handling any required notices to various constituencies, as well as completing all the necessary and corporate filings.

Representing LLC Clients as They Conduct Business

Brown & Blaier, PC represents our clients in all the legal matters that come with the operation of a successful business. Contract negotiations, intellectual property protection, hiring and firing employees, resolutions and consents, and other actions are frequently necessary in running a business. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide practical advice to our clients interested in forming, operating, or investing in LLCs.

Experienced New Jersey Business Attorneys for Your LLC

Whether you are starting a new business or would like to increase protections for your current business, forming an LLC may be a great idea. The New Jersey business attorneys at Brown & Blaier, PC have years of experience helping business owners and investors form, manage, and effectively wrap‐up their LLCs. Forming an LLC may not be right for all businesses. Before choosing to form your business as an LLC, speak to a business attorney at Brown & Blaier, PC.

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