Do I Need Website Agreements?

It is important to have proper website agreements in place, because you have a legal relationship with everyone who visits your website, regardless of whether they buy anything or even identify themselves. It only helps you by setting the terms and conditions of that relationship through various website policies. We tailor your website policies (terms and conditions and privacy policy) to your business and implements those policies in a way that maximizes their ability to protect you and your assets. You can learn more about how our firm can help with navigating privacy laws and drafting privacy policies here.

Poorly drafted end-user website agreements can cause businesses to incur thousands of dollars in wasted legal fees or, even worse, enforcement actions by the FTC or a state Attorneys General. Website terms and conditions are especially important for technology companies that sell products, distribute content, permit end-users to post messages, or do any other thing that raises the potential for third-party liability. We will help you understand the legal risks specific to your business and draft website terms and conditions designed to address those risks without inconveniencing your customers or end-users.

Website terms and conditions are only good to the extent it can be enforced. Accordingly, we work with our clients to implement their website agreements, as well as a privacy policy and (if applicable) COPPA policies, in the way most likely to permit their enforcement.

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