What Is A Business Lawyer?

The term “Business lawyer” is commonly used to refer to a lawyer who is counsel to business clients. A business lawyer advises clients on various matters related to business transactions, legal entity formation, employment issues, intellectual property, regulatory/compliance work, and low-level business tax issues.

Many times the terms of a business relationship, including the manner for resolving disputes, are crafted at the outset of such relations. The ideal time to retain a business lawyer is prior to commencing a new business venture or relationship.

Why Do I Need Lawyers For My Business?

Listening to our clients and establishing meaningful relationships are keys to our success. Regardless of whether we are representing you in a business transaction, or any other matter, we will provide innovative legal solutions aimed at achieving your goals.

Our business lawyers provide practical and effective legal counsel while assisting clients with various legal matters including, but not limited to:

  1. Business Contracts;
  2. Corporate Law;
    • Entity Formation (LLCs & Corporations)
    • Corporate Governance
    • Mergers & Acquisitions
    • Investments
  3. Intellectual Property protection;
    • Trademark Prosecution & Brand Protection
    • Copyright Prosecution & Licensing
    • Trade Secret protection and licensing
    • Confidential Information & IP Assignment Agreements
  4. Compliance.

We share our clients’ entrepreneurial passion and deliver responsive representation that is important for successful organizations.

How Can Our Business Lawyers Help?

We often act as outside counsel for startups and small businesses that need a team of lawyers on call, without having the expense of an employed in-house legal team. In addition, we offer several flat-fee packages to help you budget your legal expenses at the start of your new venture.

Instead of searching for “business lawyers near me,” contact Brown & Blaier, PC, to find out how we can bring value to your startup or small business, today!