The Internet and e-commerce present exciting opportunities for doing business and reaching global markets. However, the exponential growth of the Internet and online activities raise numerous regulatory and legal concerns related to intellectual property protection, contractual rights and obligations, privacy, data security breaches, jurisdictional issues, and competition. The internet attorneys at the Law Office of Brown & Blaier, PC understand the technical, contractual, intellectual property, and regulatory issues impacting companies engaged in internet and e-commerce transactions and the increasing importance of protecting business interests in the global economy.

With a breadth and depth of technical knowledge and legal experience, our industry-savvy attorneys address the unique challenges that arise when your business involves e-commerce, including compliance with applicable Internet law and technology law requirements.

How Can Our Internet Attorneys Help?

Whether structuring or negotiating web agreements, managing licensing issues, advising on Internet privacy law matters and the implication of data security breaches, protecting intellectual property rights or navigating the regulatory environment, our internet attorneys are poised to protect your interests. Our team possesses experience regarding computer software issues such as development agreements, licensing and use, intellectual property – including copyright, trademark, and trade secret protection.

Protecting Your Interests

Our internet attorneys regularly handle a wide range of Internet-related and e-commerce matters, including:

  • website agreements such as privacy policies, terms and conditions, terms of service, and disclaimers
  • e-commerce site development, advertising, and marketing
  • website development and hosting agreements
  • software licensing and development
  • content and online service provider agreements
  • Software as a Service (SaaS), click-wrap, web-wrap, and link agreements
  • domain name registration, protection, and disputes, including cyber-squatting
  • low-level tax implications of conducting business over the Internet

Since our attorneys are well versed in several areas of transactional law such as intellectual property, technology law, commercial contracts, and corporate law, we bring a value-added service to clients when dealing with Internet and e-commerce transactions.

Industry Insight

With Brown & Blaier, PC, you will benefit from a team that represents a range of clients from a variety of industries, including media, entertainment, IT, software, consumer goods, and fashion. In addition to private practice, our team has in-house industry experience providing them with an insider’s perspective on the challenges our clients face. We work closely with each client to fully understand the nature of its business in order to anticipate its needs and provide the highest quality, proactive service.

Contact Our Internet Attorneys

We recognize that the Internet itself, and bringing brick-and-mortar business to the e-commerce world can be challenging. Whether you’re setting up your first website, need assistance protecting your IP portfolio, or need to take steps to protect your businesses with rock-solid website agreements, the Internet Attorneys at Brown & Blaier, PC are here to help. Contact us today to learn more!