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4 Potential Crowdfunding Pitfalls

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Crowdfunding pitfalls exist, but crowdfunding is a good way for startups to raise money for their product/service. Widget makers and apparel designers/manufacturers (including our client, Apricoat®), in particular, have made extensive use of crowdfunding to get projects off the ground. In 2012, then-President Obama signed the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act (“JOBS Act”) which allows crowdfunding for equity (with some limitations).

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Legal Subscription Services: Big Waste or Big Value?

hiring a lawyer by subscription for legal issues

With a few exceptions, lawyers have traditionally charged by the hour for legal services. As we spend time with entrepreneurs and startup founders, we have found that traditional fee arrangements don’t necessarily meet their needs. Think about the various subscriptions you use in your day-to-day life such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, Spotify. Then, think about a similar model for lawyers; legal subscription services.

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Do Startups Need a Trademark Attorney?

trademark attorney meeting with a prospective client to discuss trademark options

As an entrepreneur, you put blood, sweat, and tears into your startup, not to mention your savings and investments of others. Strong branding is one of the things which will help your startup succeed in the first few years. As you put together your branding strategy, you have likely created a symbol or design for your logo and/or some type of slogan, catchphrase, or word to set yourself apart from your competition.

It’s crucial for you to trademark your creative marketing tools to prevent others from using them. Keep reading to learn exactly which items you could/should trademark, how to go about the application process, and why you should have a trademark attorney during the process. 

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What Is Phantom Equity?

Phantom Equity (“PE”) is a contractual agreement for a type of deferred compensation between a company and key employees, advisors, and/or contractors. Startups can offer PE to valuable employees, so they have skin-in-the-game, and thus, feel an urgency to help the startup become as successful as possible in the shortest amount of time.

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Avoid Four Common Seed Stage Pitfalls

For startups, raising money at the seed stage can be difficult, but this is probably when your business needs money the most. If your startup finds a venture capitalist (“VC”) or angel investor (“Angel”) willing to invest in your startup at the seed-stage, you should avoid these four common seed-stage pitfalls that can derail the deal. The Brown & Blaier, PC can ensure that you remain in compliance with state, federal laws while you seek funding for your startup at the seed stage and beyond.

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