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What is a SAFE?

A provision of a SAFE that says raising capital on a paper and glasses.

Raising capital is among the top priorities of startup companies. As a result, startups receive money from investors in various ways. One of those ways is through a Simple Agreement for Future Equity (SAFE). A Silicon Valley accelerator, Y combinator, created this document in 2013 to allow startups to structure seed capital without interest or maturity dates. Specifically, a SAFE is a legally binding contract that permits an investor to buy shares in a company for an agreed-upon price at some time in the future.

As you consider your options to seed your startup, you should understand the benefits and disadvantages of SAFEs and how they differ from convertible notes.

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Do I Have a Trade Secret?

trade secret

If you are a start-up founder or business owner, you may wonder whether the special practices or proprietary information that make your business unique qualify as trade secrets under state or federal law. In this blog, we’ll provide five questions to ask, to determine if you have a protectable trade secret.

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6 Tips for Hiring Independent Contractors

Female hiring manager interviewing a male independent contractor in an office.

Hiring independent contractors is a great way to fill in gaps in your business, especially when you need a short-term solution to fill in those gaps. A 1099 independent contractor, unlike a full-time W-2 employee, is typically contracted for specific tasks at specific times. In addition, they may work with other clients while working with you. Typically, you will have less control over how and when the contractor accomplishes a task–but can control the result.

Is hiring an independent contractor right for your business? Make sure you’re considering these key tips as you put together your contracts. 

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What Is NIL?


Whether or not college athletes have a right to receive financial compensation has stirred controversy over the years. The supreme court decisively settled this contentious matter in the NCAA vs Alston case ruling delivered on the 21st of June 2021. This ruling opened the door for college athletes to be paid for the commercial use of their Name, Image, or Likeness (NIL).

The landmark ruling came against a backdrop of myriads of bills by lawmakers across several states vouching for the compensation of student-athletes by external sponsors. 

This article discusses what NIL is, and how student-athletes can benefit from the program. 

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The Ins and Outs of Franchising


From McDonald’s to Wendy’s, Hair Cuttery Hair Salons to Planet Fitness gyms, most people have visited at least one franchise. While you may recognize a franchise as a consumer, owning one has a very different perspective. If you’re considering opening a franchise, you’ll want to make sure you know the basics before you invest your time and money. 

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5 Things Your IT Contract Must Address

Person working on computer | IT contract services LAW OFFICE OF ELLIOTT J. BROWN

As you shape an IT contract, it must contain the right elements. If you’re a service provider writing a contract for a new client, make sure your business is protected. On the other hand, if you’re a small business seeking IT services, and you want to make sure you get what you’re paying for; it’s equally important you review the contract. Take a close look at how it has the potential to impact your business, both immediately and in the future.

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