Genuinely Caring

I inquired about Adam Blaier's services around mid-March, just as my business started taking off. I was linked up with Adam at this time. I was worried about the implications of hiring employees without a strong employee agreement. He guided me through every step and created a powerful but fair agreement between my business and the employees. He made this clear enough, that none of my many employees have blinked an eye when agreeing to the terms provided by Adam's agreement which for us, is gold in an employment competitive market. Anytime I had a question for Adam, he did not blink an eye and was exceptionally quick to return with a strong solution to any issue that needed resolution...Most recently (which prompted me to write a review) I contacted Adam fairly late and had requested that he put together a balanced NDA for my channel partners, within 24 hours. Adam, without batting an eye, agreed to this and called me back within 8 hours to ask if I had a minute to look it over. He is genuinely caring, focused and hardworking. Thank you!!

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